Retirement Gifts

Faculty and staff who have served the University for five or more years are eligible to receive authorized gifts upon their retirement in recognition of their service. See the retiree eligibility chart for additional information.

Members of the campus community who have served the University for 15 or more years are entitled to receive a paver inscribed with their name and years of service to be placed in the Science and Engineering Plaza located between the University Center and the Furgason Engineering Building.

An employee’s home department may use non-state funds to purchase a departing gift with a dollar amount not to exceed the amounts in the retire gift eligibility chart.  University licensed products can be purchased at the University campus store with a 10% discount.

Unit heads must ensure that the total of all University purchased gifts do not exceed a total value of $400 or the employee must be taxed.

The paver request form can be found on the Student Foundation web page or at the following web link Retiree Paver Order Form. Please note that the delivery time for the paver is 1012 weeks. Pavers are ordered after Human Resources confirm eligible years of service.  Service is based on benefit-eligible budgeted positions held at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.  Service with other System members and other state service is not included. 

Human Resources will notify the employee’s Vice President, or President for those units reporting to the President, and supervisor of the employee’s gift eligibility.  The Vice President will procure the paver, if necessary, and it’s the department’s responsibility to procure a gift(s) that meets the employee’s eligibility criteria.


Eligibility Chart

Years of Service

Authorized Gifts Amount

Paver Size

  5 - 14  $50 N/A
15 - 19  $100 4" x 8"
20 - 24  $150 8" x 8"
 25+  $200 8" x 8"

New retirees will be recognized at the annual retiree luncheon. Retirees who are eligible for a paver will be presented with a paver certificate at the annual retiree luncheon. All retirees will be presented with a retiree pin. Other retirement gifts should be given to the retiree at the time of his/her retirement by the employing department.

 Retiree Paver




Paver Order Form

Pavers will indicate the employee name, month and year in which the employee retired, number of years of service (as provided by HR). To order your personalized paver for the Walk of Recognition, including retiree pavers, please use the Paver Order Form.