Functional Contact List


Function: Name: Number:
Benefit Eligibility  Mary Canales 361-825-6081
Benefits, Leave and Retirement Questions 361-825-2625
Compensatory Time Toni Nerren
Compensation/Equity Changes Debra Cortinas 361-825-5743
Criminal Background Checks Maria Pedigo 361-825-2627
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Jennifer Escamilla 361-825-2180
Employee Betterment Program 361-825-2630
Employee Discount Information 361-825-2180
Employee Exits - Staff 361-825-3864
Employee Exits-Faculty 361-825-3864
Employee Records Mary Canales
Employee (Salary) Verifications 361-825-5792
Employment - New Hires/Transfers/Promotions 361-825-3864
Employment Verification (Employment Dates) 361-825-2627
Evaluations Toni Nerren 361-825-2631
I-9 Administration Maria Pedigo  361-825-2627
Immigration Norma Lozano 361-825-2198
Islander Jobs - Applicant Assistance 361-825-3864
Islander Jobs - Manager/Supervisor Assistance 361-825-3864
Leave and Time Off Jennifer Escamilla 361-825-2180
Legislative Reports Debra Cortinas 361-825-5743
Life Insurance Claims 361-825-2625
Loan Forgiveness Forms  361-825-3864
Newsletter Irma San Miguel 361-825-2630
Previous State Service 361-825-3864
Request for Employee Lists for University Business Toni Nerren
Retirement Programs (TRS, ORP, TDA) Mary Canales 361-825-6081
Retirement Eligibility (Benefits)
Mary Canales
Retirement from the University Ashley Garcia 361-825-2625
Rules and Procedures Debra Cortinas 361-825-5743
Single Sign On Password Resets Irma San Miguel 361-825-2630
Supplemental Pay Forms Toni Nerren 361-825-2631
Terminations Debra Cortinas 361-825-5743
UIN Requests for Non-Employees Maria Pedigo 361-825-2627
Volunteer Assignments Maria Pedigo 
Website Updates Irma San Miguel 361-825-2630
Worker's Compensation Claims Origami Portal 361-825-2180

 The FERPA form for student employment verification can be found here.