Wellness Exam Incentive Program

The Texas A&M University System is taking steps to encourage employees to live healthier lives by actively engaging with a health care provider through utilizing preventive services available under the A&M Care Health Plan. To promote this healthy behavior, enrolled members will be required to receive a wellness exam/annual physical during the designated time period to receive the lower wellness premium rate on their insurance.

Please note that this is an annual requirement to receive a lower premium rate on insurance for each fiscal year.


NOTE: If either you or your spouse do not complete the wellness exam incentive, you will not qualify for the lower wellness premium rate, and will instead pay a premium differential of $30 per month for each individual who does not complete the wellness exam incentive requirement. These additional premiums will remain in effect until completion of the wellness exam is reported from BlueCross BlueShield back to System Benefits Administration (approximately 90 days). The annual additional premium could be as much as $360/$720, so act now and make your wellness appointment before the deadline.


Wellness Premium Incentive Changes for Next Year

If you completed a wellness exam in the 2017-2018 plan year, you are already receiving the $30 premium reduction for 2018-2019. The annual exam is the only thing you will need to complete to receive the incentive for the 2108-2019 plan year.

Beginning September 1, 2018, you will need to complete a two-step process to receive the lowest insurance premium for the 2019-2020 plan year. 

  1. You still must compltee your annual wellness exam. Preventative visits are no cost to you under the A&M Care Plan.
  2. You must also take a Health Assessment on MyEvive which will provide you with personalized information about available A&M System programs and wellness tools.

MyEvive will process both actions and you will receive your $30 premium credit. Your credit does not depend on participation in any of the suggested programs. There will no longer be $50 deductible credit for taking the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Risk Assessment.

If you have not already registered for MyEvive, go online to https://tamus.myevive.com and enter your UIN and information from yoru BCBSTX insurance card. You may also download the MyEvive app on both Android and Apple devices and use the token code myevivetamus.


 If you have additional questions related to the program, contact BlueCross BlueShield directly at (866) 295-1212 or Benefit Assistance at Jennifer.Escamilla@tamucc.edu or (361) 825-6081.


  1. Scheduling Your Appointment
  2. Preparing for Your Appointment
  3. Attending Your Appointment
  4. Texas A&M System Wellness Exam Incentive-Medical Provider Information


To ensure receipt of credit for Wellness Exam, exams should be completed by June 30th.  Please confirm receipt of credit with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas by calling before September 1st. 

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