Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment closed until July 2019. 



Open Enrollment Changes are made through Workday via Single Sign On. 



  • Navia Benefit Solutions will be replacing Payflex as the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) provider.
  • If you want to enroll in or increase your Optional or Dependent Life coverage, in most cases you must provide Evidence of Insurability (E of I). This year, you’ll choose your coverage and amount in Workday, but wait until August 1 to submit your E of I. Workday will send you a reminder to complete this process.
  • A hearing aid benefit has been added to the A&M Care Plans.
  • f you are a 9-11 month, full-time, monthly-paid benefit-eligible employee, your premiums will be prorated so that you pay for 12 months of premiums over 9 months. This means that you pay for 12 months of premiums by May 31. For individuals identified as meeting the criteria for this program, their open enrollment premiums in Workday will reflect the prorated monthly deduction amounts.
  • If you are adding a dependent during Open Enrollment in Workday, please select the Reason for Adding which most closely represents your situation.
  • Beginning September 1, the Health Assessment will be available through MyEvive, and will count towards your annual wellness exam credit. Get started early and create a MyEvive account!
  • Virtual Visits available is now provided by MDLive through your Blue Cross Blue Shield Health plan.

Remember to Check:

Credit for Wellness Exam for Both Employee & Spouse

Tobacco Premium Charge For Employee & Dependents


Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care and Dependent Day Care Accounts)

If you want the Flexible Spending Accounts for next fiscal year you must re-enroll during Open Enrollment.


Employee Annual Enrollment Booklet

Retiree Annual Enrollment Booklet

Employee Premiums for 12 Month Employees

Employee Premiums for 9 Month Employees

Premium Worksheet for Active Employees

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