Information for New Mothers

Sick Leave can only be used for the porton of time the doctor indicated on your Medical Certification Form (MCF). If FMLA eligible you are can take up to 12 weeks of time off due to birth of a child.

If you do not have enough leave to cover your absence or you and/or the baby are not ill, you will need to use other available paid leave. If no available leave, you will be placed in a leave without pay status. Once you have used all your paid leave and have missed at least 80 hours of work due to a catastrophic illness or injury you may qualify for sick leave granted through sick leave pool. Sick leave pool hours can only be used after approval received from HR. An application for sick leave pool to support your absence from work is required. 

While you are FMLA protected you will continue to receive the state contribution for your insurance benefits even if you are in an unpaid status. You will continue to be responsible to pay for your portion of your insurance premiums.

Employee is on FMLA with Paid Leave (Sick Leave, Vacation, Comp Time)

Employee is on FMLA with Leave without Pay (LWOP)

Not FMLA eligible or FMLA ends and Employee is on Paid Leave

Not FMLA eligible or FMLA ends and Employee is on LWOP

State continues contribution for benefits. Employee’s deductions continue as usual.

State Contribution for Benefits continues. 

Employee is billed for his/her portion of the premiums.

Premium for current month due on or before the 10th. Contact Mary Canales (361) 825-6081 to discuss when premiums are due.

State Contribution for Benefits continues. Employee’s deductions continue.

State Contribution stops. Employee is responsible for full premiums.

To continue benefits, premium for current month due on or before the 10th. Contact Mary Canales (361) 825-6081 to discuss when premiums are due.

The Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) requires employers to provide break time and space for a nursing mother to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after her child’s birth. Employers must allow employees reasonable break time to express milk each time such employee has a need to express milk. It is important you contact Human Resources so that a room can be designated within your building that can be used to express breast milk.

The space must be:

  • Functional for expressing milk

  • Shielded from view 

  • Free from intrusion

  • Available as needed,

  • AND NOT a bathroom.

Remember that the birth of a child is a change in status and this is the best time to add your new baby to your insurance plan(s). Some plans require approval through the insurance company if the baby is added later rather than at birth.

If you are going to add your newborn to insurance or would like to make updates to your current plan, please contact Mary Canales in HR at 361/825-6081 or email for additional information. One will have up to 60 days to make changes after a birth.


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