Deemed Export Control

Deemed Export Control Attestation Required as of February 20, 2011

On February 20, 2011 the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will require all employers to make an attestation regarding Deemed Export Control Compliance when sponsoring a foreign national for an employment-based visa or status (H-1B, O-1A). This attestation is part of the newly revised Form I-129 (Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker).

To assist us in accurately completing the deemed export portion of the newly revised I-129 (petition for nonimmigrant worker), Human Resources has implemented the use of an internal Deemed Export Control Attestation which will need to be completed by the department head, principal investigator or direct supervisor of the foreign national employee or future employee. The attestation and its instructions are available here. You will also find helpful information in the FAQs on the deemed export control attestation. Please read these documents carefully.

Again, the Deemed Export Control Attestation Requirement is effective as of February 20, 2011. Thereafter, no H-1B, O-1A or H-1B1 petition will be filed unless the completed attestation is included with the evidentiary documentation submitted to HR. If you have questions regarding the new attestation contact Norma Lozano, HR Immigration Specialist at (361)825-2198.

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