Hiring a New Employee

 Hiring New Employees


Departments are responsible for hiring new employees.  Upon hire, the employee will be prompted through Workday to complete their new hire personal information entries. Information on hiring through Workday can be found in the Job Aid section of Workday Help through your SSO. The UIN will be created by HR during the hiring process.

  • Check if the individual is currently employed or has a record in Workday.
  • Ensure there is a vacant position to seat this individual in.
    • If no, follow "Create Position" job aid.
    • If yes, open up that position, click on the related action and select hire employee. Follow the "Hire" job aid.


HR Contacts will receive 5 To Do's in their Workday inbox as a part of onboarding.

  • Complete Export Controls
    • Employers have certain obligations when employing foreign nationals and must comply with export control rules and regulations.
    • What to do?
      • If a worker is a foreign national, be sure no special action is required. Call Human Resources for guidance.
      • If there are export-control implications, consult with the Research Compliance Office.
      • In comments, enter not applicable or consulted with Research Compliance Office and submit.
  • Complete Selective Service
    • Texas state law requires an offer of employment to a male age 18 through 25 to be contingent upon proof of compliance with federal selective service law.
    • HR will verify selective service when criminal background check form is received. In comments box indicate "HR handling" and submit.
  • Complete Minor's Employment Release
    • Obtain parent or legal guardian consent for employment for any employee who is younger than 18 years of age.
    • What to do?
  • Complete Degree Verification
    • Every offer of employment for a faculty or staff position shall be conditioned on verification of education degree status of the candidate if required for the position being filled.
    • What to do?
      • Student Worker: in comments, no degree required or n/a and submit
      • Graduate Assistant: in comments, degree verified at enrollment and submit
      • Faculty: in comments, transcripts sent to Provost and submit
  • Complete Background Check
    • System regulation provides minimum procedures to be used by system members in performing criminal background checks of current employees and applicants for employment.
    • What to do?


    • An employee may not begin to work until Section I of the I-9 has been completed. Section 1 of the I-9 will be prompted through the onboarding procedure in workday, and will be delivered directly to the employee for completion.

    • Employees must bring their identification documents to Human Resources on or before their first day of employment, and no later than their third day of work for pay.

    •  More information on I-9's can be found here.


Remote Employee 

Hiring Department must contact the I-9 Administrator, ext 2630 as soon as offer is made and accepted.

    • I-9 Administrator will contact employee with instructions on how to complete the I-9 remotely
      • Provide remote employee’s name, phone and email address. 
    • Employee sends completed I-9 and supporting docs to I9 Admin by mail, fax, or overnight courier

    • I-9 Administrator receives and will notifies hiring department that employee may begin to work.

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