Frequently Asked Questions


May 1 through April 30


Final evaluations are due May 31. Self evaluations have a default date that is generated by Workday when the reviews are launched; however, a manager may determine an earlier or later date. There is nothing that will happen in Workday to the self evaluation if it is not completed by the default date.

An employee should be reviewed on the responsibilities performed for the majority of the review period. 

  • If the employee has performed the duties on the performance review for the majority of the year, please continue with the review and update the duties once the review is complete. 
  • If the duties need to be updated before a review is completed, please email the updated job duties to  The review will need to be canceled, job duties updated by HR, and the review for the employee relaunched.

No. The employee will only see comments when the manager submits an evaluation.  

No.  A review would need to be deleted and relaunched.

Yes, an employee may ‘Save for Later’, and this will save any work performed on an evaluation. 

HR will need to contact A&M System to provide assistance with these instances.
There are Job Aids available on the Workday Help website. To access this site, navigate to and select Workday Help. Then click on the Use Workday icon. You can then click All Job Aids. From this page, select the Performance tab. You can then select the correct Job Aid to fit your needs.


Yes. The supervisor does not need to submit the manager evaluation for the employee to see comments made by other reviewers.  These are separate events.

An additional reviewer does not have the option to skip or decline.  If s/he does not want to provide an evaluation, the task may be submitted without any data to remove the task from the reviewers inbox.

A manager’s manager will only be prompted in Workday to approve an evaluation if an employee receives a final rating score of either ‘Partially Meets Expectations’ or ‘Does Not Meet Expectations’.


Yes, goals can be created or modified at any time of the year.  Both employees and managers may enter goals in Workday.

Goals that were determined last year should be entered and evaluated on.  A goal’s end date must be before April 30 in order for the system to pull it in to the evaluation.

The only time a Talent Analyst can be in involved in goal setting is at the beginning of the review period, if the manager delegates the task to him or her.