Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi offers a wide variety of benefits programs and resources to its employees. From our health plan options and wellness programs, to our continuing education opportunities and competitive retirement plans, the University is committed to providing benefits that matter to you at each stage of your career.

(State) A budgeted staff or faculty member is eligible for benefits if the individual

  1. Eligible to be a member of the Teacher Retirement System, and either:
  2. Is expected to work at least 20 hours per week and to continue in the employment for a term of at least 4.5 months, or
  3. Is appointed for at least 50 percent of standard full-time appointment


(Affordable Care Act)

  1. Any employee (staff, faculty, student, temp) who qualifies for benefits during a measurement period becomes eligible for benefits during the following stability period without regard to the number of hours paid during the stability period.
  2. New hires expected to work 30 hours or more on average per week are eligible for benefits.

Understanding your Explanation of Benefits

Sample of Explanation

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Notice: Changes for the Retiree Billing have taken place. 

Click here to view the updates to the retiree billing

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