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The Be Well University Cup is a wellness challenge aimed at naming the TAMUCC Department Team most committed to living well. Teams of up to 8 department employees can accrue points by participating in certain wellness events from September 5th - April 17th. Departments may have more than one team. The top point-earning team will be crowned the Be Well University Cup Champions at the annual Islander Awards Celebration.

E-mail by September 4th to sign up.




BENEFIT BRIEFS - August 2019



October 2019 Health Kit

Your dedication to wellness makes a difference. This month’s Health Kit, you'll find tolls to help you getmoving and stay physcially active, not matter the season!

  • Poster: See what's trending in fitness today
  • Recipe: The pumpkin-apple spice oatmeal recipe is delicious, healthy, and statisfying - perfect for any fall morning.
  • Coaching Moment: Take a Stretch Break
  • 90 Second Video: Exercise and Your Mental Health
  • Podcast: Listen to this podcast for a few extra steps you should take before braving a workout in the cooler weather.

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